Homeschool Success

For the past three decades, academic researchers have studied home education.  You were probably already aware home educated students perform above average academically.  But, did you know that home education also leads to better outcomes on a variety of other measures, too?  Greater civic participation, gainful employment, social engagement, and satisfaction with life are among the many benefits.  Homeschoolers are also much more likely to vote, and of those who go on to post-secondary education, are more likely to enter the professions or complete doctorates. Home educated graduates are also more likely to be married, be involved in a faith community, and perhaps not surprisingly, home educate their own children!

Fraser research
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Academic Research

It isn’t just our opinion that home education is a great educational choice. There’s a substantial body of academic research that demonstrates the value home education provides children with. If you’re interested in digging into these studies, you will want to be aware of the Canadian Centre for Home Education. CCHE is a policy and research based institute that seeks to support and promote homeschooling in Canada, and abroad. Among its activities it sponsors Homeschool.Today. And, in addition to funding academic studies, CCHE provides free public access to a full collection of research on home education within a Canadian context.

You can access this research by clicking on the link below.

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We also encourage you to consider donating to CCHE. Your generous contribution will help support its important policy and research initiatives, its public education efforts including Homeschool.Today, as well as ensure the continuation of its freely accessible collection of academic research.