How do I homeschool through high school?

Homeschooling through high school can be very exciting! Together, you and your child can plan what and how they would like to learn, keeping in mind their personal vocational goals and interests. When homeschooling secondary school, the classroom is not a limitation. Perhaps your child will:

  • Attend a homeschool co-op for woodworking
  • Write a novel (yes, there’s a curriculum for that)
  • Have a say in specific literature they would like to study
  • Participate in a live online advanced physics course
  • Learn from videos instead of textbooks because that’s their preference
  • Complete a hunting and fishing course
  • Study Cree, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, or any other language
  • Gain experience by volunteering at a business in the evening or on the weekend (similar to a public school co-op)

The opportunities of what, how, when, and where to learn are endless, extremely flexible, and obviously customizable. 

High school at home is planned with an eye towards the student’s future goals, desired life skills, and interests. Also, students need to find out what their post secondary school program or industry requires, and then plan their learning accordingly. Many students choose to use this time to build their resume through job shadowing as well as work and volunteer experiences. 

Parents who are concerned that they “can’t teach” a certain subject will be pleased to know that there are many ways to overcome this barrier, although they are likely more capable than they think! There are many options for instructing students, including video courses, online courses, tutoring, and group instruction such as at a homeschool co-op. And, if your child is currently seven years old, remember that you do not need to plan their high school education just yet!

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