How do I fit homeschooling into my lifestyle?

As a parent, you’re always teaching your child. Homeschooling is an extension, albeit a more invested extension, of what you’re already doing. In the early years, parents focus on ensuring their child hits their developmental milestones. Later, homeschooling provides a way for parents to be involved in their student’s educational process, providing guidance along the way.

To suit the needs of their employees, more and more employers are offering flex-time and work from home options. Never before have individuals had as many workplace options when it comes to the environment they work in. Enter home education. The flexible nature that accompanies homeschooling provides the ideal backdrop for working parents. Homeschooling is more about teaching a child how to learn than teaching them what to learn. Parents act as coaches for their students, guiding them towards greater critical reasoning skills.

Our “Can I homeschool if I work full-time?” FAQ has some planning tips that may help.