Can I homeschool as a Working Mom?

Many people think that having a job means homeschooling isn’t an option. However, many parents can make it work! Jen never imagined herself going back to work with 2 sons at home, let alone homeschooling as a working mom! But with a little extra creativity and flexibility, she has found some tricks and tips to help others who want to work and homeschool.

  • Patience and Grace: As you start your homeschooling journey, be patient and gracious with yourself. Homeschooling looks different for every family, and it may take some time for yours to get in the groove of everyday school. That’s ok! You’ll get there. Just start with one day at a time. Homeschooling may not be a “forever” part of your family, it may be a year by year decision.
  • Flexibility: Just because public school runs from 9-3, doesn’t mean your homeschooling has to follow that pattern or amount of hours. Some parents choose to homeschool in the afternoons and evenings after work, while others choose to stay away from “bookwork” and have more experiential learning. There are many other ways to stay flexible! You can still teach your family even if it doesn’t look like the routine of others. The main goal is that your children are learning. You can find many ways to teach your children apart from the “traditional” approach that takes pressure off of the parent being the ‘teacher’.
  • Support: This is pretty essential. Having support from spouses, partners, extended family or friends is all important. On the days she needs to be in the office, she had others watch the boys and continue with them in their schooling. And her husband would teach certain subjects when he got home from work.

“All in all, it just takes some grace and time to figure out how it can work for your family. Our focus was for our boys to learn and grow, and that’s happened! As long as you are willing to get creative with their education and learning and stay flexible, there are many options available for your family. I love the time I get to spend and invest in my boys, and I cherish the learning we have together!”

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