Can I homeschool as a Single Parent?

Yes! You can homeschool as a single parent! I am in my 15th year of homeschooling, and the last four years have been as a single parent. Here are some things for you to consider while you are making your decision.

Resources: Time and Finances. You may have to be working as well as homeschooling. That can work with homeschooling, provided you have enough time to commit each day. This will vary by household depending on the ages and number of children, but you definitely need to set apart hours to homeschool. Your work may be flexible, and homeschooling can be flexible! Have a plan for your year’s curriculum, make a workable schedule, and plan to keep some record of your children’s learning.
Financially, homeschooling can vary in what it costs. I have found I have purchased more ready made book work lessons as a single parent than I did before, because my time and energy are more limited. You may need to set aside some finances to invest in homeschooling materials.

Energy: Meaning emotional energy. When I became a single parent, carrying on like ‘normal’ took a little time. If you have not homeschooled before, make sure you are in a place where you have the emotional energy to invest in this adventure. Single parents need time to recharge and get filled up! It’s important to make a plan for you to be emotionally strong.

Support: Homeschooling as a single parent has some unique challenges. Most of these require some extra support. First, being a member of HSLDA (which you get at a discount as a single parent). I am able, as a member, to call and ask my specific questions, which I have benefited greatly from. You also get a session with HSLDA’s learning specialist each year with your membership. Second, joining a co-op, if possible, is very beneficial. It’s important for everyone to connect with other families for group learning and field trips, but it’s especially important for single parent homeschool families. And lastly, support for you, the parent, is so important. You will need other homeschool parents to discuss homeschooling. Having friends or family that will support your endeavour to home educate your children is also a huge encouragement.

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I am so thankful to be able to homeschool my children. We are not defined as a ‘single parent’ homeschooling family. We are a loving, vibrant, energy filled family that homeschools. As I have experienced, with the resources, energy and support you need, yes! You can homeschool as a single parent!

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