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Eclectic homeschooling is a popular style of homeschooling where home educators take bits and pieces from a variety of different methods. It is a style that many homeschoolers default to after they get to know which programs work best for their children. Often, they will evaluate their students’ learning styles and watch closely to discover where their talents and interests lie, and then design a curriculum around those considerations.

An eclectic homeschool day might include: some time using math software; journal or letter writing; reading from a periodical based on their area of interest; a science experiment in the kitchen; playing a trivia-type geography game; pursuing hobbies; taking a 4-H class or going to an interest club of some sort; and listening to a parent read a more challenging novel before bedtime.

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  • Individual needs and abilities of students shapes the approach to their education;
  • Most flexible homeschool method;
  • Plentiful resources are available and can be drawn from materials from most other methods;
  • Popular homeschool method, so there are many other homeschool parents to share ideas and resources with;
  • Unique qualities and talents of the students are foundational to help maximize their interest and motivation to learn.

Points to consider

  • Well-suited to seasoned educators who are more able to decide what methods would mix well, what adjustments might need to be made to a curriculum, or what might work best for their unique child;
  • More flexibility and available resources, which may cause a newer homeschooler to feel overwhelmed with all the choices available;
  • Homeschoolers who follow this approach may discard a homeschool resource too quickly in a quest to find what works best for their child without taking the time to understand the program better and make good use of the resources they’ve invested in;
  • Focusing on a student’s area of interest might leave another subject area inadequately covered for postsecondary entrance criteria;



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