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So you’re already homeschooling? Excellent!

If you’ve been doing so for a few years, then you know that you think differently now than you did back then. By now you’ve hopefully met other homeschool families and your child has learned in a place or at a time that you never imagined was possible. It is not just the kids who are learning! As time passes, your child gets older and your questions and needs change too. Whether you’ve been homeschooling for years or took a break and are back again, HOMESCHOOL.TODAY is here to help.

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Father helping son with homework with baby in arm

HOMESCHOOL.TODAY has answers to many FAQ’s such as where to get support, highschool & beyond, homeschooling children with exceptional needs and so much more. Please search to find answers to your questions and enjoy our education resources and methods.

The Canadian Centre for Home Education is a national organization with a mission to Inspire, Influence and Inform the homeschool community in Canada and around the globe! CCHE is being revised, so please be patient as we add more content soon.

CCHE makes available numerous research papers on homeschooling if you are looking for credible evidence to support your education choice

On the practical side, CCHE offers the opportunity to purchase Photo ID Cards so you can access various resources in your community.

CCHE is committed to fighting to maintain your right, as a parent, to freely homeschool your children in every province across the country. We would be thrilled to have you partner with us in this mission with a tax receiptable donation. There is much work to be done!

The Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada’s name represents only a small fraction of their services.

Membership allows you access to advice on everyday homeschool questions, insurance for group activities, and resources including a digital library, a one hour consultation with an Exceptional Needs consultant and, most importantly, legal protection for your family.

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We really value you and your participation in the homeschool movement. If you have any questions, please ask. We know that each homeschool family has a different way of educating. We would love to hear your family’s story!

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